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Lease/Rental services Detail

Lease/Rental services

With our vast experience in handling various lease transactions on behalf of our valued clients for both residential and commercial properties , we provide unparalleded service to ensure a smooth and trouble-free experience for you, whether you are leasing out your property or looking out for property on lease.

We have full knowledge of the legalities for any lease transaction and we make sure that you have no legal hassles later on.

We guide and  support you right from the negotiation stage till the completion of the entire transaction and completion  of the registration process.

If you are wanting to lease out your property we provide complete guidance right from assessment of correct market lease rent to finding the right customer for you in the shortest possible time.This is possible because we have a large database of prospective clients who are looking for properties similiar to what you want to lease. We will also guide you through the entire transaction with our legal team who will prepare the lease deeds and other paperwork needed and also help you to register the lease deed with the Sub-Registrar.

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If you are looking to lease out property, we provide guidance on what is available in the market place currently and offer you options.

We arrange for your site visits to various locations and help you to identify a suitable property

We also help you to negotiate the best deal with the property owners.

Thereafter we assist you in  the actual lease transaction.


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